Change Margins in Outlook Email [The Quickest Way to Do It]

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Change Margins in Outlook Email [The Quickest Way to Do It]

Adjusting margins in Outlook email can make your messages appear more organized and professional. Whether you want to increase or decrease the margins in your emails, Outlook offers a simple solution for this.

Changing Margins Quickly

Follow these quick steps to change margins in your Outlook emails:

Step Instructions
1 Select Layout
2 Click on Margins
3 Choose Margin Configuration
4 Define Custom Margins, if needed

By following the above steps, you can quickly adjust the margins of your Outlook email messages without any hassle.

Change Margins in Outlook Email [The Quickest Way to Do It]


Why Adjusting Margins is Important

Proper margins in an email can enhance readability and aesthetic appeal. It helps in focusing the reader’s attention on the content rather than causing distraction due to improper spacing.

Common Issues with Margins in Outlook Email

If you are facing issues with margins in your Outlook emails, such as wide margins or text running off the page, you can easily fix them by adjusting the settings within Outlook.

How to Center Text with Margins

To create margins in your Outlook emails:

  • Place your text in the middle column of the email.
  • Adjust the side columns to set your desired margins.
Change Margins in Outlook Email [The Quickest Way to Do It]


YouTube Tutorial on Changing Email Margins

For visual learners, you can watch this YouTube tutorial by Stuart Hasic that demonstrates how to change margins in Outlook email messages effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Change Margins In Outlook Email [the Quickest Way To Do It]

How Do You Adjust Margins In Outlook Email?

To adjust margins in Outlook email, select Layout > Margins. Choose a preset or customize your own.

How Do I Change The Layout Of My Email In Outlook?

To change the layout of your email in Outlook, go to Settings > Mail > Layout. You can then modify the display settings to customize the appearance of your mailbox. This allows you to adjust the layout to your preference for a better email experience.

Do Margins Work In Outlook?

Yes, margins work in Outlook. To change the margins in Outlook email, follow these steps: 1. Open the email you want to adjust. 2. Click on the ‘Layout’ tab. 3. Choose ‘Margins’ from the drop-down menu. 4. Select the desired margin configuration or customize your own margins.

5. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes. By adjusting the margins, you can improve the formatting and appearance of your Outlook email messages.

What Is The Default Print Margins In Outlook?

The default print margins in Outlook can be changed easily. To adjust the margins, open the email and select Layout > Margins. From here, you can choose a preset margin configuration or define your own custom margins. Ensure your email looks perfect when printed by setting the margins according to your preference.


By adjusting margins in your Outlook email messages, you can improve the overall look and readability of your emails. Remember to consider the spacing between text and edges to provide a clean and professional appearance to your recipients.

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