Fix Undeliverable Emails in Outlook [Tested Methods 2024]

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Fix Undeliverable Emails in Outlook [Tested Methods 2024]

Are you having trouble with undeliverable emails in Outlook? It can be frustrating when your important messages bounce back. Here, we’ll discuss some tested methods in 2024 to help you resolve this issue and ensure your emails reach their intended recipients.

Common Reasons for Undeliverable Emails

Before diving into the solutions, let’s understand some common reasons why your emails may not be getting delivered:

  • Invalid recipient address
  • Large number of recipients in the message
  • Internet connection issues
  • Email address flagged as spam
  • Configuration problems in Outlook

Tested Methods to Fix Undeliverable Emails in Outlook

1. Verify Recipient Address

Ensure that the recipient’s email address is valid and free of any typos. Double-check the spelling and domain name to avoid any mistakes that could lead to undeliverable emails.

2. Reduce Recipients

If you’re sending to a large number of recipients, consider reducing the number and sending the message in smaller groups to prevent triggering spam filters.

3. Use

If you encounter the “delivery failed” error when using Outlook, try sending the message through as an alternative method to bypass any potential configuration issues on the Outlook app.

4. Check Internet Connection

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and that your Outlook is not in offline mode, which can prevent emails from being sent or received.

5. Remove Junk And Filter Settings

Regularly check your junk folder and filter settings to ensure that legitimate emails are not being labeled as spam or moved to other tabs, causing undeliverable messages.

6. Verify Sender Reputation

Maintain a good sender reputation by avoiding spammy content, maintaining a clean email list, and observing a reasonable time frame between consecutive emails to improve email deliverability.

7. Configure Smtp Server

Double-check the configuration of your SMTP server in Outlook to ensure it is set up correctly, especially if webmail works fine but not Outlook.

Fix Undeliverable Emails in Outlook [Tested Methods 2024]


Understanding the Error Message

When you receive an undeliverable message, it’s essential to understand the error code to pinpoint the specific issue. Common error codes include “550 5.1.1” for invalid recipient address and “554 5.7.1” for suspected spam issues.

Fix Undeliverable Emails in Outlook [Tested Methods 2024]


Frequently Asked Questions On Fix Undeliverable Emails In Outlook [tested Methods 2024]

How Do I Fix Undeliverable Emails In Outlook?

To fix undeliverable emails in Outlook, ensure the recipient address is valid and reduce the number of recipients. If using Outlook, try sending via Outlook. com. Check for internet connectivity issues and review junk folders. Clear the Outlook cache and verify filter settings to resolve email delivery problems.

How Do I Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

To fix Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails, check your internet connection, junk folder, offline mode, and Outlook cache. Edit filter settings, verify Outlook status, and review blocked users list for any issues.

Why Are My Outlook Emails Not Being Delivered?

Outlook email delivery issues can occur due to various reasons. One possible cause is if your email address has been flagged as spam by the recipient’s email provider. To fix this, ensure that your email address hasn’t been used to send spam emails.

Another solution is to check the recipient address for validity and reduce the number of recipients in the message. If the issue persists, consider using Outlook. com to send the message instead.

How Do I Fix An Email Bounce Back In Outlook?

To fix an email bounce back in Outlook, follow these steps: 1. Verify that the recipient’s email address is valid. 2. Reduce the number of recipients in the message. 3. If using Outlook or another email app, try sending the message through Outlook.

com instead. 4. Check your internet connection and junk folder. 5. Clear the Outlook cache and double-check your filter settings. 6. Authenticate your email account and maintain a clean list. 7. Avoid spamming content and maintain a time frame between consecutive emails.

8. Monitor your sender reputation score and send emails consistently.


By following these tested methods, you can troubleshoot and fix undeliverable emails in Outlook, ensuring that your important messages reach their intended recipients. Remember to maintain good email practices and continuously monitor your email deliverability for long-term success in sending and receiving emails using Outlook.

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