Spell Check Not Working in Teams [3 Tested Methods 2024]

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Spell Check Not Working in Teams: 3 Tested Methods for 2024

Are you facing issues with spell check not working in Microsoft Teams? Worry not, as we have carefully prepared 3 tested methods to fix this issue and get your spell check up and running again.

Spell Check Not Working in Teams [3 Tested Methods 2024]

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Method 1: Reset the App/Cache

If you have encountered a spell check malfunction, your first resort should be to reset the app/cache. Uncertain about how to go about this process?

  • Simply reboot or uninstalling the app might not fix it. A cache reset is essential.
  • Visit this link to find detailed instructions on how to reset the app/cache and facilitate your spell check function on Microsoft Teams.
Spell Check Not Working in Teams [3 Tested Methods 2024]

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Method 2: Enable Spell Check in Teams Settings

If the spell checker in the new Teams is not working, you need to ensure that the language you wish to use is enabled in Windows.

  • Check and confirm that the “Enable spell check” setting is turned on in Teams → Settings → General, and then restart Teams if necessary.
  • For more insights, you can visit this forum to resolve your spell check woes effectively.

Method 3: Verify Language & Spelling Options in Microsoft Word

If you are encountering issues with spell check not working in Microsoft Word, ensure that the correct language is selected in Options. Follow these simple steps to rectify the issue:

  • Press Ctrl + A to select the entire text.
  • Go to the Review tab, select Language, then click on Set Proofing Language…
  • Make sure the correct default language is selected in the Language dialog box.
  • Verify that the checkbox “Do not check spelling or grammar” is unchecked.
  • Need more assistance? Head over to this page for quick fixes.

Additional Resources

If you are still encountering difficulties with the spell check not working in Microsoft Teams, you can refer to these valuable resources for further solutions:

Frequently Asked Questions For Spell Check Not Working In Teams [3 Tested Methods 2024]

Why Has Ms Teams Stopped Spell Checking?

MS Teams may stop spell checking due to cache issues. To fix, reset the app/cache or enable spell check in Settings. Ensure the correct language is selected in Windows and MS Teams settings. Restart the app if needed.

How Do I Turn Spell Check On In Ms Teams?

To turn on spell check in MS Teams, ensure the desired language is enabled in Windows. Confirm the “Enable spell check” setting in Teams -> Settings -> General, and restart if needed.

Why Has My Spell Check Stopped Working?

It is possible that your spell check has stopped working due to a cache issue. To fix this, you can try resetting the app/cache. Simply rebooting or uninstalling the app may not resolve the problem. Make sure to reset the cache to restore the spell check functionality.

Why Is My Microsoft Word Not Correcting Spelling?

If your Microsoft Word is not correcting spelling, check that the correct language is selected in Options. Make sure “Check spelling as you type” is enabled, and there are no spell check exceptions for your document. If the issue persists, try resetting the app/cache or restarting your device.


Dealing with spell check issues in Microsoft Teams can be frustrating, but with these tested methods, you can troubleshoot and fix the problem effectively. Remember, by following these simple steps and utilizing the valuable resources, you can ensure that your Microsoft Teams spell check is always up and running smoothly!

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